Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The sequel

Everyone has read Charlie and the chocolate factory. But what about the sequel? A cup of the original, 4 tbsp of spookiness, and a tinge of tentacles…

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‘Which room shall it be next?’ Said Mr. Wonka as he turned away and darted to the lift. ‘Come on! Hurry up! We must get going! And how many children are left now?’

I looked at Grandpa Joe, and Grandpa Joe looked back at me.

‘But Mr. Wonka,’ Grandpa Joe allied after him ‘There’s… There’s only Charlie left now.’

Mr. Wonka swung round and stared at me.

There was a silence. I stood there holding tightly onto grandpa Joe’s hand.

‘You mean you are the only one left?’ Mr. Wonka said, pretending to be surprised.

‘Why? Yes,’ I whispered. ‘Yes.’

Mr. Wonka exploded with excitement. ‘But my dear boy,’ he cried out, ‘That means you’ve won!’ He rushed out of the lift and started shaking my hand so furiously that it nearly came off. ‘Oh, I do congratulate you!’ He cried. ‘I really do! I’m absolutely delighted! It couldn’t be better! How wonderful this is! I had a hunch, you know, right from the beginning, that it was going to be you! Well done Charlie, well done! This is terrific! Now the fun is really going to start.’ Mr. Wonka looked even more excited than me. ‘Congrats, Charlie dear!’ Grandpa Joe was dancing again. ‘Mr. Wonka, what is my prize?’ I asked in delight. Mr. Wonka smirked.

‘The prize is awesome, follow me, Charlie.’

Grandpa Joe followed too.

Mr. Wonka stopped.

‘Eh, you cannot come,’ Mr. Wonka said to Grandpa Joe ‘It is just for him.’ Mr. Wonka said as he pointed towards me.

Grandpa Joe looked a little disappointed.

‘Why can’t he come?’ I asked.

‘The prize is for you, that’s why.’ Mr. Wonka clapped 3 times and an Oompa-Loompa came walking towards us.

Mr. Wonka gestured some random things to the Oompa-Loompa. So did the Oompa-Loompa. The Oompa-Loompa grabbed Grandpa Joe’s pants and dragged him to some tunnel in the opposite direction.

‘Where is Grandpa going?’ I spoke worriedly as I watched him being taken into a tunnel.

‘Ah, you don’t need to worry about him. Come in the lift.’ Mr. Wonka was already in the lift.

I shrugged off the bad feeling and stepped into the lift.

‘So boy, are you ready to see your prize?’ Asked Mr. Wonka.

I nodded.

‘Push the button for ‘The prize’.

I looked at all the buttons. Land of chocolate, grape nuggets, Peanut Butter paint, Sneaky pecan pie, and on and on. I searched and searched for that button, but I still couldn’t find it.

‘Mr. Wonka, there is no button like that.’ I cried out.

‘What? Look properly, my dear.’ Mr. Wonka answered.

I looked again. Cavity-filling gum balls, Eatable Pillows, Whipping room, and on and on. No sign of a button with the label ‘The Prize’.

‘Mr. Wonka! I looked and looked but there is no button for that. Can you find and press it?’ I asked.

‘Oh dear, do you know why the button isn’t there?’

I shook my head gently.

‘Why make a room for any prize when there isn’t any prize?’ Mr. Wonka snapped.

‘What do you mean there isn’t any prize?’ I was perplexed.

‘There is no prize, duh?’ Mr. Wonka stated.

Mr. Wonka pushed a tiny button at the top-most corner of the elevator. It was about only a quarter of a nail.

As soon as Mr. Wonka pushed the button, the elevator zoomed towards the left then right and down and down and down then right again then up and up and up then stopped. There was nothing outside.

‘There is nothing in -’ I started to speak but was interrupted as suddenly the elevator went diagonally down towards the right. Then it went right then left then up and again diagonally and more directions. The more time went by, the faster the elevator became. I was now clutching one side of the elevator so tightly that it might as well have broken. Although, Mr. Wonka was perfectly fine.

‘MR. WONKA,’ I tried to yell over the loud noise of the elevator zooming. ‘I THINK I AM GETTING SICK, WHEN IS THE ELEVATOR GOING TO-’

The elevator came to a halt.

‘-stop.’ I finished.

I hadn’t let go of the wall yet, because I thought the elevator might start again.

‘You can let go now.’ Mr. Wonka said a little rudely.

I slowly let go and turned around to see what room was standing before us. My eyes could have popped at seeing all that was before me. It was a lab. A GIGANTIC lab. Potions were bubbling everywhere. Different shades of green smoke filled the air. There were hundreds of glass beakers, glass flasks everywhere connected with glass pipes. There were a few HUGE hexagon-shaped containers at one side of the room. They looked green because of the green smoke and green light which was coming from somewhere. Some small silver spheres were dangling from the ceiling which was producing the smoke. There were a few scientific types of machinery on another side of the room.

‘Now, Charlie, ask me one question and I swear I will tell the truth.’ Mr. Wonka said as he walked towards the center of the room. I followed him as I gazed around the room, mesmerized.

‘Woah, what room is this?’ I asked.

(Narrator: Ugh, Charlie asked the wrong question. If he had asked ‘Why are we here?’ or ‘What are you?’, he could have maybe, just maybe, prevented the last tremendous disaster in his life. Mr. Wonka smirked.)

‘This is the last room you will see.’ Mr. Wonka thought.

‘This is the most most important room in this whole factory.’ Mr. Wonka boasted proudly.

‘Wow, do you invent chocolates here too? Or something else?’

‘What? Oh no! This room has nothing to do with chocolates.’

‘Then, marshmallows?’

‘Of course not!’

‘Cakes? Pies? Brownies?’


‘Ummmm, YES! Got it! You make the machinery to make the machinery to make chocolates?’

‘NO. This room is the most important thing for the prize.’

‘What is the prize?’ I questioned. My mind was full of possibilities of what the prize might be. ‘Ummm, the whole factory? Nah. More chocolates? Nah, I already have a lifetime supply of chocolates just for winning a golden ticket. Hmmm. A new house? A new car? 2 new houses? 2 new cars? A park? Getting a flavor of chocolate named after me? Double chocolate marshmallow Charlie delight with extra charlie chips! Haha! I wonder what I taste like.’ I thought.

‘The prize?’ Mr. Wonka said as he bent down so that he could look into my eyes.

‘Yep, the prize.’ I replied as I took a step backward.

‘Hey, Oompa-Loompas! Little Charlie here wants to know what my prize is!’ Mr. Wonka shouted. I hadn’t noticed the Oompa-Loompas working around. Everyone laughed except me.

‘Mine’ I corrected him.

‘What?’ Mr. Wonka snapped.

‘My prize, not yours. You said your prize.’

Mr. Wonka again bent down, this time so low that his eye was exactly at the same level as mine. He came closer and closer. He had dark blue eyes. Wait, dark purple eyes.

‘Exactly, my prize. Not yours.’ Mr. Wonka snapped.

‘I don’t understand.’ I said.

Mr. Wonka climbed up on a table in the center of the room and shouted.

‘What do you say Oompa Loompas? Let’s explain Charlie?’

All the Oompa-Loompas cheered.

Mr. Wonka slowly took off his vinaceous tailcoat and threw it at one of the Oompa-Loompas. Everyone was silent. Mr. Wonka did nothing but grinned evilly. After a second, Mr. Wonka grunted. He looked as if something was hurting him. Something sharp. I could see something orangish behind his back. At first, I thought I was imagining that but then out of nowhere, two lavender tentacles emerged from Mr. Wonka’s back. I gasped and took several steps backward. Two more lavender tentacles were visible now.

‘What in the world…’ I muttered, now frozen to the place where I stood.

Two more lavender tentacles emerged from his back. There were bright orange suckers on each of the tentacles with pale pink borders.

‘What are you?’ I managed to speak. I was really pale.

‘Oh, I am a Krakenster. A distant descendant of the mighty Kraken.’ Mr. Wonka roared. His voice had become deep.

‘Oh Boy! Kk-Krake-en?!’ I muttered as I thought about what to do.

‘Oh yes, boy. Since I am a distant descendant of The Kraken, I am a lot different from The Kraken.’ Mr. Wonka roared.

The Oompa-Loompas cheered again.

‘Mr. W-wonk-ka. What are you going to do to me-e?’ I was trembling with fear.

‘MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!’ Mr. Wonka started laughing. He ended with an evil cackle.

‘I am not Mr. Wonka.’ Mr. Wonka said.


‘Willy Wonka is dead from ages. You see, I am just using his body.’

‘Say what now?’

‘Well, when a Krakenster enters a body, his tentacles disappear. As he grows in his new body, the tentacles grow. Once a Krakenster is old, he can’t shift to another body. The tentacles still grow. Tentacles are really big and painful, that’s why we have to keep changing bodies. When Willy was small, I took his body. Simple.’ The krakenster explained.

‘What-t hap-p-pen-ned to Will-ly?’ I questioned, still trembling.

‘Well, his soul might be now in something else. Maybe your shoes?’ He said as he pointed at my shoes which were grey now from all the dust and a little torn.

‘I am just a few years away from being mortal. I can’t stand the pain now. The Oompa-Loompas are not total humans so I can’t take their bodies. But you are…’ The Krakenster continued as he jumped down the table. I took another step backward.

‘How many bodies have you shifted to?’ I asked. I was just trying to stall him from coming towards me.

‘Oh, I don’t know. Maybe 12?’ The krakenster said as he counted many names. Both female and male.

‘What is your name?’ I asked, pretending to be curious.

‘Surprisingly, no one asked me that before. I am Krakenster V. Krakenster the Fifth.’ The Krakenster said proudly.

I tried to think of ways about escaping the room. I quickly glanced backward where the door was. It was open. Although, many Oompa-Loompas were guarding it. I looked around to see if there were any other doors. The room wasn’t silent as the Krakenster was saying something about his history. Aha! There was a door. The catch is that the door is behind the Krakenster. To reach the door I have to get past the Krakenster. If I get lucky, I will use the great glass elevator to escape. Then, I can run home. As I thought of the word ‘home’, it reminded me of Grandpa Joe. Oh god, where is he? I don’t think the Krakenster would have let him go home. I have to find him first then find out the way to the great glass elevator and then escape out of the chocolate factory then run home before the Krakenster catches him and Grandpa Joe. I slowly started going backward. ‘I love you Mom, Dad, Grandpa Joe, Grandma Josephine, Grandpa George, and Grandma Georgina.’ I muttered. I sprinted with all of my speed towards the door. Oomph! I tripped. Great! The fall was painful. I slowly got up to see what I tripped on. It was one of the Krakenster’s tentacles. Everyone was laughing.

‘One of my powers is that I can extend my tentacles as much as I want.’ The Krakenster roared.

I felt something slimy around my waist, I slowly looked down. One of his tentacles was curling around my waist. The next thing I knew I was in the air and was being dragged in front of the Krakenster.

‘Unfortunately, to be able to take someone’s body, the body’s owner should be willing to give up the body.’ The Krakenster said as he lowered me down.

‘I won’t give you my body!’ I shouted in order to make the Krakenster think I am fierce and not shaking with fear inside me.

‘Oh, you will have to. If you want your poor old weak dancing Grandpa Joe to be safe!’ Said the Krakenster, being unpleasantly polite.

‘What do you mean?’ I said worriedly. ‘Don’t you dare hurt Grandpa Joe!’

‘Oh, then you will have to give up your body. Or else, I will have to hurt your Grandpa Joe.’ The Krakenster was now kneeling in front of me, staring at my pale blue eyes. The Krakenster clapped 3 times and an Oompa-Loompa came from the front door with Grandpa Joe, who was now looking frightened at seeing the Krakenster.

‘GRANDPA JOE!’ I yelled upon seeing grandpa Joe.

‘Charlie!’ Grandpa Joe said feebly.

It took me a few seconds to realize that Grandpa Joe’s hands were tied behind his back with a rope.

‘Now, now, little Charlie, are you going to give up your body?’

I thought about it. I was nervous. I was sweating but could still feel the chill inside my body. ‘If I give up my body, I may never see my family again. If I don’t, grandpa Joe could possibly die. I don’t want anything to happen to him.’ I thought.

‘Yes, I will.’ I said finally.

Everyone cheered except me and Grandpa Joe.

That was the worst day of the Bucket family. As Grandpa Joe walked into his home with ‘Charlie’, everyone gathered around them to ask a lot of questions. ‘How was the factory?’ Mrs. Bucket asked. ‘Did you eat something?’ Grandma Georgina questioned cheerfully. ‘Oh! I have been longing to see you, Charlie!’ Grandma Josephine said as she flung her arms so Charlie could hug her. ‘Charlie’ hugged everyone and answered everyone’s questions. Although, Grandpa Joe looked sad and slowly got into bed and stayed silent. As the moon rose in the sky and the stars started twinkling, ‘Charlie’ fell asleep. Grandpa Joe called an emergency family meeting and whispered to everyone what happened at the factory. Mrs. Bucket started crying. This was a sad miserable night for everyone in the Bucket family. Well, everyone except ‘Charlie’ who slept peacefully in his bed dreaming.

~Arya Bhingradia

A baker, a student, a dancer, a writer, an artist, a daughter, a best friend. Ready to kill someone if they hurt someone I love. In need of a pet.

A baker, a student, a dancer, a writer, an artist, a daughter, a best friend. Ready to kill someone if they hurt someone I love. In need of a pet.